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"Eating is not merely a material pleasure. Eating well gives a spectacular joy to life and contributes immensely to goodwill and happy companionship. It is of great importance to the morale."
Elsa Schiaparelli

We seldom take the time to recognize the many ways in which food impacts our daily lives.  It is not only of great importance to sustaining our physical health, but to maintaining our mental and emotional well-being.  Due to the heavy burden our fast-paced and hectic society has imposed on us, we often times eat only to alleviate our hunger, failing to genuinely savor our meals.   As a result, we resort to poor food choices that may leave us physically full but still lacking the nourishment we crave.   

Eating should be a cherished and enjoyable experience, one that pleases the palate and satisfies the mind.  The sustenance our diet provides goes well beyond merely quelling our appetite.  Rather, it is the source of our well-being and can affect the overall quality of our lives. 

Considering these factors, now could be the perfect time for you to employ the expertise of a Professional Personal Chef.   Personalized nutritional counseling, customized menu selection and in-home meal preparation ensure that the food you consume is of the highest quality.  As a professional in the industry, and member of the United States Personal Chef Association (USPCA), I guarantee that The Culinary Ph.D. will transform your approach to food and its relationship to a healthy lifestyle.    

Why not let The Culinary Ph.D.  teach you how the right food can empower your mind as well as your body?

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